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A changing economy

For more and more families across our nation, the American Dream is fading. For the first time in American history, only 50% of young adults are doing better than their parents did at the same age. If you look at the middle of the last century, that number was 90%.

A shrinking path to success

While higher education has been statistically proven to be a powerful source of economic mobility, the competition for admission to America’s top colleges and universities has never been tougher – with students from high-income families having 77 times better chances for admission than students from middle-class, working-class or low-income families.

Why we’ve built GIDE

To maximize the impact of our nation’s educational system and economy for all families, GIDE AI is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to boldly address challenges and supercharge economic opportunity for students and families. Adding trillions to our domestic and global economy, GIDE’s goal is as simple as it is impactful: To maximize your personal GDP. For your children, for your families and for your communities. For our nation and for our world.


Gide Co-Pilot
  • Personalized plans, guidance and recommendations based on your child’s needs and goals.
GIDE Experts
  • 1:1 connections with top mentors who match your child’s goals.
GIDE Communities
  • Online and in-person local, regional and national networks of students, families and experts.